Life Line is a service based on my many years experience of care.

It is designed to provide a personalised homemade service for those that need help and wish to remain in the comfort of their own home.

Life Line offers friendly care, enjoyable companionship, helpful hands and healthy meals.

We provide a range of services:
  • Homemade Care
  • Stand by You Companionship
  • Clean and Tidy Household
  • Yummy Food

You can benefit from these services by choosing one, or as many as you wish, to cover all your daily needs. 

Homemade Care Service is like a homemade soup for the soul!

Continue to enjoy life in your own environment by receiving top notch care in your own home.

Guided by health professionals, I carefully assess your needs in order to provide first class care suited to your personal requirements.

Life Line provides an outstanding companionship to cover a set of tasks you may face every day.

Clean and Tidy Services will help you to care for your home to keep it in the way you like it.
Cooking dinner together with your carer will give you another reason to be happy and enjoy your day!
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