About me - Carmen Suditu

A large percentage of us are what's known as 'natural carers', we grow up caring for our siblings and our pets then, following the example of our parents' care we go on to care for our own children, parents, family and friends. Many of us believe we can care and many of us are right.

Throughout my life I have been involved with caring. I have raised two children, my son at the age of eleven became unable to walk. Faced with this challenge I learned about Reiki and used its teachings to learn about pain, care, hospitals, hope and optimism. With my care and experience of Reiki my son can now walk. I also care for my father who suffers with lung cancer, yet with lots of love, good care and faith he is still with us after thirteen years.

I have now practised Reiki for ten years. It has taught me so much about human needs and suffering. I have a degree in economics and have worked with students in prestigious high schools,, but it is these challenges I faced with my family that inspired my fascination with care giving.

Since 2011 I have worked as a professional carer, during this time I have gained practical experience along with the qualities necessary to provide great care. I have realised that through great care you can make a difference to peoples' lives, through care you can give someone back their life, with a few simple touches a life can become worthwhile again, which, in turn, may bring health benefits or, at the very least, comfort.

Professional carers must face the challenge of regulations and responsibility which sometimes makes their job difficult. Care suppliers are often restricted by the quality of applicants working for them.
My ambition is to practice and share my knowledge and experience of excellent care giving. I want to show people that they can receive and benefit from great care. I want to show care professionals that top notch care can be achieved with knowledge, training and practice. One of my customers, Denis Kelsey,  called me his life line and I dedicate this business project to him. I would like to help all carers and providers to become a life line to those who need it and made care matter.