Homemade Care

Homemade Care Service is like a homemade soup for the soul!

Continue to enjoy life in your own environment by receiving top notch care in your own home. 

Guided by health professionals, I carefully assess your needs in order to provide first class care suited to your personal requirements.

Homemade Care will bring to you not only a carer, who will be your hands, legs or eyes, but also your friend.

I liken carers to friends because, I believe a friend is someone who always has your best interest at heart. A carer/friend will ensure you always have the very best of care. 

Your friend will help you with day to day care:

· Hygiene

· Washing/bathing

· Getting up and/or putting to bed

· Lifting with or without mechanical hoist

· Dressing and undressing

· Assisting in changing catheter bags

· Assisting with toileting

· Preparation for the day  

· Assisting with medication

· Application of creams/ointments

· Monitoring prescriptions, overseeing collection of medicines

· Assisting with dressings etc